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Secondary Experience Week

Secondary Experience Week

A few days ago we shared about our Primary School trips. Our Secondary School students also enjoyed KIS Experience Week. From the sandy shores of Pranburi to the ancient allure of Sukhothai, the experience week is full of activities, fun, and learning!

Grade 6 explored Pranburi, while Grade 7 ventured into Prachuab Khiri Khan. Grade 8 set foot in Rayong, Grade 9 discovered the wonders of Sukhothai, and Grade 10 delved into the enchanting landscapes of Chiang Rai.

Throughout the week, our students dived deep into wildlife conservation at sanctuaries, joined beach cleanups, and trekked through mangrove ecosystems. They also soaked up Sukhothai's rich cultural heritage and took on thrilling adventures like rock climbing and kayaking.

Our Experience Week isn't just about exploration—it's about fostering global citizenship through hands-on learning and community engagement. Students also strengthened their communication skills connecting with new classmates and built confidence by taking risks.