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Primary Experience Week

Primary Experience Week

Our primary school students embarked on incredible trips across Thailand during KIS Experience Week! 

From exploring farms to scaling jungles, these trips weren't just vacations - They were learning experiences rooted in the IB learner profile. 

Grade 3 explored sustainable farming at Farm De Lek, learning about healthy food and responsible practices. They enjoyed activities such as cooking and creating soap using local herbs. They gained independence, as for many, it was the first time they had slept away from home.

Grade 4 paddle boarded down the River Kwai, building shelters and cooking over a fire, surrounded by the natural beauty of Kanchanaburi.

Grade 5 honed their outdoor skills in Khao Yai, pushing their limits with archery, climbing, and scaling down a dry river bed. 

Students learn by doing, not just reading. They connected theory to practice, like planting vegetables and cooking them. ‍They developed essential skills like independence, courage, and risk-taking by setting up camp and facing challenges.

They bonded with classmates and strengthened collaboration through shared experiences. They explored different environments, sparking curiosity and understanding. ️ 

It was a fun filled learning adventure!
Stay tuned for the videos!