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Mathletes progress in 5th ASMA contest of the year

Mathletes progress in 5th ASMA contest of the year

We are thrilled to announce the latest achievements of our School Mathletes in the 5th American Scholastic Mathematics Association (ASMA) contest of the year.

Last week, both the Seniors and Juniors showcased their exceptional mathematical skills, making us proud and excited for what's to come.

For the Seniors, this was a particularly challenging contest, with eight students scoring a season-low 7 points. Despite this, the team remains only 7 points away from securing their first Second Place ranking (>100 points) with one contest left to go. We are confident that our Seniors will continue to give their best and achieve great success in the final contest.

We also want to give a special shout-out to this week's high scorers: Padma, Alexis, Philips, and In, who each gave an impressive performance, with two answers correct for the top three and one answer correct for In.

With four contests down, the top 5 Seniors leading the pack are Padma (22), Alexis (18), Philips (16), Hwandong (10), and In (9). We are looking forward to seeing these talented students continue to excel in the upcoming contest.

Meanwhile, our Juniors had their most successful contest on record, adding 47 points to our season total of 198. Elaine gave a flawless performance, earning a perfect score! Cindy, Akshat, Alex, Praew, and Jian each achieved six out of seven right answers, while all other Juniors scored 3-5 correct.

As a result, the Juniors are now only three points away from securing KIS's first-ever First Place ranking (>200 points)! We couldn't be prouder of our Juniors and the hard work they've put in this season.

The top 10 Juniors after four contests are Cindy (29), Akshat (26), Ken (22), Arham & Richard (21), Elaine (20), Alex & Sam (18), Jian & Praew (15). Congratulations to all our Mathletes, and let's keep up the good work!

School Mathletes Excel in American Scholastic Mathematics Association Contest