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KIS Experience Week!

KIS Experience Week!

As part of the KIS Experience week, our Secondary School explorers traveled around Thailand to expand their horizons and experience new learning adventures outside of the classroom.

For example, rafting, in addition to being fun, also provides students the opportunity to collaborate, communicate effectively, build resilience and bond. In addition to these skills, it’s a great learning activity about the science of water currents, geography, sustainability, and history.

Oh and, not to mention, they went all out and built their own rafts embodying the adventurous spirit of the “Risk taker” IB learner profile!

Rafting was one of many activities our Grade 10 explorer enjoyed during the week around Chiang Rai. They could learn about agrotourism in an organic orange orchard and hiked to visit a hill tribe community. They also stayed at the Mae Kok River Village, where they learned to cook after visiting a local market and had the opportunity to interact with peers from a local community school. A great way to to explore different cultures and ways of life.

Other grades activities also included experiences such as:

🐘 The visit of a wildlife rescue, elephant and turtle sanctuaries.

🌱 The discovery of the ecosystem of the mangroves and a beach cleanup.

🛕 The exploration of the birthplace of the Thai culture in Sukhothai.

🧗 Treks, rock climbing and kayaking.