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G9 Experiences The Royal Khon Performance

G9 Experiences The Royal Khon Performance

A reflection written by Nano & Ronav, Grade 9

As a part of our grade 9's Thai study unit, we had the wonderful opportunity to watch the scene “กุมภกรรณทดน้ำ (Kumphakan Blocking the River)” from the classic Thai literature “Ramakien” performed by the renowned Royal Khon performance crew.

To most of us, this was our first taste of the traditional Khon dance and it has been an eye opening experience. From the intricate, unique movement of each character, to the extravagant props and costumes, the performance demonstrated the Thai culture appealingly. Throughout the whole performance, the dancers, the musicians along with the narrators demonstrated an abundance of skill and creativity, with their expressive body movements, the beautiful melodic tunes, and the smartly written script that combines old literature with modern day slang. One great example of their skillful performance was the opening scene, which shows a group of dancers dancing in sync with each other and the music. Their movements were precise and graceful, which put a question in mind. How many hours of practice have they put into perfecting their craft?

This has truly highlighted the overflowing care and dedication these inspiring performers have for their art. Hence, this inspired us to become a better version of ourselves in everything we set our minds to do, not just as students but also as improving members of society. Overall it was a very enjoyable and educational experience. Despite being an international school, we are nonetheless very proud of Thai culture and values.