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PYPx: Grade 5 Exhibition

PYPx: Grade 5 Exhibition

Last week, the PYPx, the PYP Exhibition, took place, where our Grade 5 students showcased their remarkable work.

The central theme of this year's exhibition was "Recognizing the needs within a community and demonstrating the willingness and ability to do something about it."

Across various subjects, our students delved into critical issues facing our world today, such as ocean pollution, animal welfare, and child labor.

It was truly inspiring to see our Grade 5 students shine brightly as they presented their projects to a diverse audience, including parents, teachers, fellow KIS students and students from other schools.

The opening ceremony featured protest songs composed by the students and was followed by 3 days of interactive sessions and TEDx discussions where they eloquently expressed their insights and proposed solutions.

Grade 5 students, you inspired us, well done and congratulations for your amazing work!