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Exciting News from AAPH Club at KIS International School!

Exciting News from AAPH Club at KIS International School!

The Altruistic Alliance for Pediatric Health and is a student-driven club at KIS whose aim is to help underprivileged patients and orphans across Southeast Asia gain access to care. Co-founded by our Grade 11 students, Alexis and Kimberly, they are on a mission, and excited to share their progress with our community!

Their donation drive project has been a overwhelming success!

Thanks to everyone's generosity, they collected:

📚 9 boxes filled with books (2010 books, weighing approximately 670kg)
🧸 17 boxes packed with toys
👚 19 boxes brimming with clothes
👒 13 boxes overflowing with accessories
👟 3 boxes filled with shoes (55 pairs)

But the journey doesn't stop there! They're currently working on determining the total weight in kilograms for a more precise measure of the incredible donations received. 

All the boxes are distributed across 5 countries in Southeast Asia to local orphanages, National cancer institutes, and hospitals. The 5 countries we donated to are India, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Myanmar. 

A huge shoutout to our amazing AAPH team for their hard work and dedication!
Follow them on for updates about they're incredible initiative. AAPH Club is looking for more volunteers! If you are a KIS Student looking to make an impact, this club is for you! 

Thank you all for your incredible contributions and support! Stay tuned for more updates on our journey to make a positive impact together!