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Campus And Facilities

KIS is located in a quiet, gated and guarded housing estate near the centre of Bangkok, and the artistically designed facilities are purpose-built to facilitate the instruction of the IB programmes.

KIS campus

In August 2018 the school opened a brand new Arts and Design center. The new facilities include a fully equipped design suite with a CNC machine, laser cutters, a vulcaniser, several saws and other machinery for design of large objects. These complement the existing 3D printers, molding equipment and large format printer. Two visual arts studios with plenty of natural light and wonderful space, and a new black box performing arts facility support KIS students' creativity. The building also hosts a multipurpose hall, a new school shop, a carpentry room, a home sciences room, and several offices, including the admissions office.

arts and design


A new sports building, with an air-conditioned indoor gymnasium and competitive pool, opened early 2019.

new swimming pool

new gymnasium

The Primary School

The Primary School is well resourced, student-friendly and designed and organized to support the Primary Years Programme. The Early Years center is located on the ground floor, has many natural elements for the children to explore such as water and sand play, and allows the children to be creative.

Learning outside

In addition to the indoor and outdoor learning spaces, the Primary School students enjoy their own library, a maker space,  IT lab, music room, two playgrounds, a pool and a paddling pool, a sports court, and an audibox mini auditorium.

reading in the library

Primary school playground

The learning spaces, that have ample light, are designed with acoustics in mind and provide classroom environments for 21st century learning. These are high-end classrooms which allow you to hear equal loudness from any position in the classroom – even the sound of a soft whisper or any conversation. 

The Secondary School

Secondary school students enjoy well-resourced classrooms with a library, dedicated science labs, black box drama room, an exam hall, art studios, design labs and a workshop. Sporting facilities include a sports field, an airconditioned indoor gymnasium and a 25 meter pool. Diploma students also have a study room and lounge area.

drama in the black box

Shared Facilities

Covered walkways from the Primary and Secondary School buildings provide easy and visually stimulating access to facilities shared by both schools. They include all sporting facilities, the music suites and dance studios, the auditorium and canteen. 

KIS Auditorium


Drone photo of KIS