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Home » The International Baccalaureate in Bangkok

The International Baccalaureate in Bangkok

The International Baccalaureate in Bangkok, Thailand

The International Baccalaureate in Bangkok, Thailand

I currently have my two children studying in the Primary Years Program (PYP) at KIS International School. Prior to this we were at a school that used the American Curriculum. It was nice at the time because that was what I was familiar with being that I grew up just outside of Boston. However, the more I learned about the International Baccalaureate (IB), the more I felt that the IB was a better fit for my family. When I was given the opportunity to work at KIS just over 2 years ago, I moved my children into the PYP.

The PYP allows children to become a strong partner in their own learning, and the values that the learner profile instills in children have motivated my own kids to take action within their own lives. They are learning that making mistakes is part of life, and are finding it fun to go back and reflect on actions they’ve taken, wrong or right, to try and see what could have been done better. They are able to identify their strongest attributes as well as certain aspects that they need to improve upon.

The curriculum is concept based. Much of the learning is trans-disciplinary so that the students are able to explore real world issues from different perspectives, which helps them obtain a deeper understanding of their environment. The students also get to do this within a multicultural setting, which helps being an open-minded person come more naturally to them. Growing up in an international school in Bangkok surrounded by people from 45 different nations gives my children such an amazing experience each day that they set foot on campus.

The community has a culture that is open, supportive and caring. The parents engage with the school in a way that supports a positive learning culture where the students feel important, safe and respected. The parent workshops show that everyone is passionate about learning where the parents, teachers and students form a tripod of support to keep pushing forward in the field of education. These workshops also provide a sense of clarity for those parents that are newcomers to the world of IB schools in Bangkok specifically or in general. Making the move to Thailand and trying to find the best IB school in Bangkok for your child can be daunting in and of itself, but the community at KIS does a great job at making everyone feel welcome.

The IB is different from traditional curricula, so it’s always important to do your research before choosing a curriculum and school. Take the time to visit at least three or four schools and talk with the parents, teachers and students if you can. There are literally hundreds of international schools in Thailand, but if you spend the time and do your research, you’ll find the proper fit for you and your family.

Rob Kawada
Business Development and Communications Manager
KIS International School, Bangkok


Monday, November 14, 2016