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Academic Results


Academic Results at KIS


KIS maintains an average Diploma score of 34 IB points, with an average pass rate of 94%, and a participation rate close to 100%.


All of our graduates were accepted by a range of excellent universities including those ranking in the top 100 of the Times Higher Education rankings of the best universities in the world.


A full list of universities that our students were accepted to can be found here.


KIS is also very happy and proud to see the continued success of our refugee scholarship program with 4 refugee students to date graduating with full IB Diplomas, higher than average scores, and with excellent offers from universities, frequently with scholarships.


Most of all we are proud of the students for becoming responsible, compassionate international-minded, and globally aware people who will go on to inspire others around them.


KIS best IB Diploma score: 45 points (perfect score)




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