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The Hour of Code, Bangkok

Best international school in Bangkok

Going Bananas for Coding!

No matter what field our children decide to persue in the future, their need to understand how technology works is growing more and more important every week. Because of this, KIS is taking part in the largest learning event in history: The Hour of Code.

The Hour of Code Bangkok

This is going on now, December 5th through December 11th, and more than 100,000,000 students across the globe are taking part in The Hour of Code. Not only are we looking forward to enhancing our own students' computer science knowledge, we are also looking to spread the word to help other students and teachers share in this movement. 

At the moment, fewer than half of all schools actually teach Computer Science (CS). With the way the world is changing and developing, we are trying to find ways to get CS into as many classrooms as possible in a fun and interesting way. Within our international school community in Bangkok, we are looking to lead by example. We are encouraging everyone to share this news on social media while also reaching out to different media outlets in Bangkok and across Thailand.

International School Bangkok Information Technology for kids

We kicked off The Hour of Code by combining music and technology. Dr. Puk, Mr. Niko, Mr. Eric and the wonderful ICT staff helped to set up a keyboard made out of bananas! Dr. Puk started off by asking the students, "What in this world can be coded?" The first answers were "computers, mobile phones, robots, etc." Not surprisingly, no one said that bananas could be used in coding. Dr. Puk and the ICT team opened up the coding stations for the PYP students so that they could find out that even bananas can be used in coding! There were also a few stations of various coding activities like Minecraft, Scratch, Sphero, Makey Makey, Raspberry Pi, etc., and the students were given the opportunity to explore each station throughout the day.

Best IB school Bangkok

We are looking forward to all the activities that will be explored today. We are also looking forward to the students' reflections on what they have learned and what sort of impact they believe CS will have on their own futures.

Here is some more information on The Hour of Code.

Using Sphero in an IB School in Thailand

Wednesday, December 7, 2016