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Home » Inter-grade Annual Maths Relay

Inter-grade Annual Maths Relay

Maths Relay at KIS International School

On March 22nd, the Grade 6-8 students participated in the Annual Math Relay. This is a maths competition whereby students compete in teams of 4 to answer as many questions correctly as they can in one hour. Teams were made up of one student from each grade, plus a maths ninja player. Teams were encouraged to communicate and collaborate to solve the problems. Teachers nominated teams for the teamwork award, which was the team they felt collaborated the best throughout the competition. This was team #35, which consisted of Celicia, Thunder, Szilvi, and Laura. The competition was fierce but only one team remained victorious. Three teams tied for 2 place with 26 points out of 40. The winning team achieved a stunning 29 points out of 40. This was team #30 consisting of Immanuel, Kari, Earth and Shreya.

Overall everyone had a really fun time and we all look forward to next years competition!

-Ms. Kyla

Thursday, March 23, 2017