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Embedded thumbnail for Grade 10 Persuasive Arguments
Tue, 03/28/2017

Building confidence is a big part of education. As an IB World School, we follow the Learner...

Embedded thumbnail for What Does Inquiry in the PYP Look Like?
Thu, 01/05/2017


At KIS we love questions. In fact, our teachers tend to respond to questions with...

Embedded thumbnail for Field Trips at KIS
Thu, 12/15/2016

Making connections between what is being learned inside the classroom to what goes on outside of...

Embedded thumbnail for Admissions at KIS
Wed, 12/14/2016

Thinking about applying for a seat at KIS? Our admissions staff are here to help you find out if...

Embedded thumbnail for The Arts at KIS
Fri, 07/29/2016

We fully understand the importance of the arts in an IB education. From getting on stage and...

Embedded thumbnail for A Parent's View
Fri, 07/29/2016

Being an IB school in Bangkok, we receive a lot of interest from parents about our curriculum...

Embedded thumbnail for The Primary Years Programme (PYP) at KIS
Fri, 07/29/2016

The PYP at KIS takes place in a warm, caring and safe environment. The students feel free to...

Embedded thumbnail for KIS Video J The MYP
Fri, 07/29/2016

The MYP at KIS aims to have students make applicable connections between what is happening in...

Embedded thumbnail for KIS Video K: The Diploma Programme (DP)
Fri, 07/29/2016

The Diploma Programme at KIS develops students who have excellent depth of knowledge across many...

Embedded thumbnail for KIS - A day in the Life
Fri, 07/29/2016

A few clips from a day where one of our community members was wearing a Go Pro around the KIS...